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matt1993: (updated prtsc land me)

Tidbits of Matt's Life

Where my entries are a TOTAL mess, not just a slight mess like they are on LJ

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Created on 2017-05-13 19:58:48 (#3192525), last updated 2017-10-22 (11 hours ago)

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Birthdate:Jul 14, 1993
Location:Fort Worth, Texas, United States of America
Website:My LiveJournal
Hi! I'm Matt Aaron.
Here's a haiku about me!
...oh. I'm out of room.

Due to the 150 interest limit on LJ and 250 interest limit on DW, my full interest list (which has 506 counting all the alternate spellings/wordings, unless I updated it and forgot to update the number) is as follows:

(x why?), 1013, 103, 103206, 10:13, 113, 11:14, 1206, 1260, 12:06, 12:60, 12:91, 14, 147, 15, 150, 151, 1755, 17:55, 206, 206103, 252, 2524744, 259, 2594744, 27b/6, 27bslash6, 2:06, 2:46, 306, 310, 311, 312, 330, 331, 332, 3500, 367, 3:67, 3ds, 439, 47, 493, 498, 4th dimension, 5300, 5:192, 5th dimension, 651, 666, 667, 668, 686, 688, 6:66, 762, 766, 777, 797, 7:97, 8-bit theater, 866, 868, 886, 888, 8:89, 8∞0, 93, 962, 963, a softer world, adventure time, algebra, allie brosh, alphabet, alvin and the chipmunks, amazing world of gumball, amiibo, amiibo collecting, angry birds, animaniacs, annoying orange, anxiety, apocalypse, apples to apples, april fools' day, ascii, asdfmovie, asperger's, asperger's syndrome, autism, backwards lyrics, backwards music, band names, base 16, base 2, base 26, base 36, base 64, beautiful women, being hard on myself, being weird, big bang theory, binary, bob the angry flower, boumeries, boxboy, boxboy!, brain challenge, brawl in the family, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, c, c++, calculators, calculus, calvin & hobbes, calvin and hobbes, candy, candy crush, candy crush saga, casey & andy, casey and andy, cat versus human, cat vs human, cat vs. human, cats, celine dion, cellular automata, characters from dreams, charlie the unicorn, cheese, chicken, chip's challenge, chocolate, christianity, christmas, chuggaaconroy, circle versus square, circle vs square, circle vs. square, clannad, coap, coldplay, collecting amiibo, colors, comic sans, comics, comments on a postcard, compromising, computers, crossovers, ctrl+alt+del, ctrl-alt-del, céline dion, dark tower, david thorne, depression, despicable me, dido, dilbert, dinosaur comics, disney, disney/pixar, doctor cat, doctor hurley, dr. hurley, drawing, dream analysis, dream characters, dream journals, dreams, dreamworks, ds, duck hunt, engrish, enya, excel, fairly oddparents, father ted, fifth dimension, filmcow, finding nemo, foms, forgiveness, fourth dimension, fractals, frasier, french fries, futurama, future, game & watch, game boy, game boy advance, game grumps, game of thrones, gamecube, garfield, garfield & friends, garfield and friends, garfield minus garfield, garfield randomizer, garkov, gb, gba, gematria, gibberish, glitches, grapheme-color synesthesia, grapheme→color synesthesia, graphs, gravity falls, grey's anatomy, group x, gröûp x, h*r, hanson, harry potter, hating game theory, hating matpat, hating the game theorists, henry hatsworth, hexadecimal, homestar runner, hot fries, hyperbole and a half, i love lucy, ice age, ice cream, infinity, inflated women, inflation, inflation fetish, infp, inside jokes, introverts, invader zim, irregular webcomic, irregular webcomic!, iwc, ketchup, kid icarus, kid icarus uprising, kid icarus: uprising, king of the hill, kirby, kittens, lemonheads, let's plays, letters, lightning made of owls, livejournal, liz, lj, llamas with hats, lmoo, lord of the rings, m & ms, m&ms, mac & cheese, mac and cheese, macaroni & cheese, macaroni and cheese, mario, mario kart, mario kart 7, mario kart 8, mario kart wii, mario party, markov chains, married to the sea, mary o, mary o., marzipan's answering machine, matchbox 20, matchbox twenty, math, mathematics, mezzacotta, michelle heafy, microsoft excel, microsoft paint, microsoft powerpoint, miis, mike & ikes, monsters inc., more than 150 interests, mortal instruments, moya brennan, moya's space log, ms excel, ms paint, ms powerpoint, n64, name that smash character, name that ssb character, name that ssb4 character, natalie dee, neopets, nes, new smb 2, new smb u, new smb wii, new super mario 2, new super mario u, new super mario wii, nickelodeon, nintendo, nintendo 3ds, nintendo 64, nintendo badge arcade, nintendo ds, nintendo switch, non-sequiturs, nonpartisanship, nonsense, nostalgia, not cussing, nsmb2, nsmbu, nsmbw, nsmbwii, numbers, orange, orson's farm, ours will you 1-up, p-balloons, pac-man, paint, palutena, papyrus, peanut butter gamer, peanutbuttergamer, peanuts, penny arcade, perl, phineas & ferb, phineas and ferb, physics, pi, pixar, pixel art, pizza, portal, powerpoint, precision, predicting the future, pretzels, pringles, probability, procrastination, programming, prophecies, prophetic dreams, prtsc land, puns, random crap with h*r, random crap with homestarrunner, randomly generated comics, randomly generated text, randomly-generated comics, randomly-generated text, randomness, rascal flatts, rcwhr, regret, regrets, regular show, relaxation, relaxing, request comics, revelations, rinkworks, rob thomas, rosalina, roswell, sadness, sarah mclachlan, savage garden, sbemails, screenshots, scully, shirley jackson, simon's cat, simpsons, sleep, sleeping, sm3dl, sm3dw, smash bros., smash brothers, smb, smg, smg2, smo, smw, smw glitches, smw randomizer, snes, snow cones, social anxiety, soothing music, sour candy, sour patch, sour punch, spaghatta nadle, spongebob squarepants, sprite comics, sqrt(-garfield), sqrt(minus garfield), square root of -garfield, sromg, ssb, ssb wii u, ssb3ds, ssb4, ssbb, ssbu, statistics, stephen king, streetpass mii plaza, strong bad, strong bad email, super mario 3d land, super mario 3d world, super mario bros., super mario brothers, super mario galaxy, super mario galaxy 2, super mario maker, super mario odyssey, super mario world, super mario world glitches, super mario world randomizer, super nes, super nintendo, super smash bros., super smash bros. 3ds, super smash bros. 4, super smash bros. brawl, super smash bros. u, super smash brothers, super smash brothers 3ds, super smash brothers 4, super smash brothers brawl, super smash brothers u, switched at birth, synesthesia, talking kitty cat, teen girl squad, terror island, the alphabet, the annoying orange, the big bang theory, the future, the simpsons, the x-files, time, time travel, timekeeping, tinted windows, tiny ghosts, tom & jerry, tom and jerry, tomodachi life, toothpaste for dinner, toy story, triangle & robert, triangle and robert, trigonometry, u.s. acres, unicode, unpopular opinions, unusual names, userpics, valentine's day, video game music, video games, vinesauce, visual basic, wacky crossovers, wall-e, wall·e, webcomics, weird dreams, weird names, weirdness, wii, wii fit trainer, wii u, windows, wolfram alpha, wolframalpha, wolfram|alpha, women, world time format, worry, worrying, wreck-it ralph, x why?, x-files, xkcd, yellow, π, √(-garfield), ∞

I've made it a point to sporadically switch out which ones are in my "main" interest list semi-randomly.

I'm in the process of updating this profile. There used to be a somewhat outdated description of me here, but then I recently added a FAQ that was so much more up-to-date, and so much better at explaining who I am, I later decided to remove the old description (at least for now) and just have the FAQ. After all, it pretty much covers what was in the old description and then some.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is your journal about?

Whatever I feel like posting about.

Q: What is your journal NOT about?

Most political issues. Political discussions usually get out of hand, so I try to keep them out of my journal most of the time. Sometimes something vaguely political will come up, but that is rare.

Q: Something you wrote in 2007-2010 makes no sense to me!
Q: There's an entire land just for screenshots?

Back in August 2006 I started taking screenshots of ICQ, Neopets, error messages, etc. that inspired me to write funny comments (or, at least, comments that I thought were funny at the time...) under it or draw short comics inspired by the screenshots under them. At first this was neither online nor a comic - and it wasn't even called PrtSc Land at first; before that, I just called it "my funny screenshots" - but over time it turned into a Neopets/Homestar Runner/Mario/several other things, some of which I'm still interested in, some not crossover with a steadily increasing ratio of comics to screenshots. The amount of sense it made hardly changed, unfortunately...

In late 2007 I remade what I thought were the best and easiest-to-explain PrtSc Land (as it was finally called) strips and put it on SmackJeeves... but, unfortunately, there were so many inside jokes in the first version that removing any strips that I deemed "hard to explain" merely made other strips more difficult to explain. For that reason, PSL never lasted long despite my attempt to revamp it again after the criticism I received.

For quite some time now I've been wanting to someday put all three versions of PrtSc Land on LiveJournal so you can all see just how terrible some of the strips were, and perhaps even another remake poking fun at the first three. But I doubt I'll get around to that anytime soon. :(

Imagine how different the past 10 years would have been if, before I took those first few screenshots, I'd known about Irregular Webcomic!, or Casey and Andy, or Terror Island, or any other webcomic that has at some point given advice about making webcomics and/or had to deal with criticism...

Q: Something you wrote in 2008-2011 makes no sense to me!
Q: "Ours Will You 1-Up"? What does that mean? You're leaving someone 1-Up Mushrooms in your will? That wouldn't make any sense...
Q: "Let Olimar Push the Slush"? Since when does Enya compose Pikmin soundtracks, and since when did Pikmin music have such nonsensical titles?
Q: What's this I hear about a site that was taken down by Google?

Back in 2008 I started playing various songs backwards and wrote down what I thought they sounded like that way. This was just for my and pathvain_aelien's amusement at first, but then for a computer science class I had to make a website on Google Sites - and thus Ours Will You 1-Up was born (along with a TON of inside jokes because I thought that making it a website meant I could start quoting backwards lyrics without having to explain them). The name comes from a backwards lyric to the first song I played backwards - Sarah McLachlan's "Out of the Shadows".

And yes, I did at one point make up separate titles for the backwards versions of most if not all songs I'd played backwards (but for some reason, confusingly used those as titles on my iPod and in the music tags on my entries but NOT on OWY1U; if you went to the page for the backwards version of Orinoco Flow, it would not be called "Let Olimar Push the Slush", it would be called "Orinoco Flow backwards").

I kept updating OWY1U for about a year or so after that assignment had been graded, but then I took it down because I decided I wanted to redesign it and "correct" a lot of backwards lyrics that didn't sound like what I'd originally thought they sounded like. I ended up procrastinating this redesign for a LONG time, which I hope is the only reason that Google completely took down the site on or before January 9, 2015.

Q: Was "Stairway to Heaven" or some other song that already had controversial backwards lyrics on Ours Will You 1-Up?

A: Nope, nope, nope, the land of ten thousand nopes.
I just started reversing songs that I happened to have already, controversial or not (usually not, as far as I know), and writing down what the backwards lyrics sounded like to me. Like I said, this was just for my and pathvain_aelien's amusement at first, but then I eventually made a site (and more inside jokes than you can push a slush at) out of it.

Sorry to disappoint you by not making OWY1U an exact copy of every other discussion about backmasking ever.

Q: Was Ours Will You 1-Up a video game fansite? It has "1-Up" in its name.

No. As I said, it was a site for backwards lyrics.

True, it had quite a few video game references - every now and then, when I play a song backwards, a word or phrase will (to me) sound like "Mario" or "1-Up" or "Goomba"... or even something like "P-Balloon"... or, less frequently, something from a video game besides Mario. (Or a crossover between Mario and something else; Wænya, anyone?) And I did play two already-video-game-related songs backwards: the Brawl main theme, and "Mario Twins" by Group X. But no, OWY1U was still a backwards lyric site, not a video game fansite. Got it?! ;)

Q: If Ours Will You 1-Up was a site for backwards lyrics, why was <something seemingly unrelated to backwards lyrics> on it?

There are two possible reasons:

1) <seemingly unrelated thing> had something to do with backwards lyrics at some point. Likely, a specific backwards lyric gave me the idea for it. Take Wænya, for instance - I played a Dido song backwards and one "word" of the backwards version sounded kind of like "Wænya", so I made Wænya a character. (A character that I only ever thought up a physical appearance for, who never did get a proper backstory or personality or anything... but still, a character.)

2) I used to not have the presence of mind to use LJ's ScrapBook for hosting images to use in entries, so back then, I uploaded such images to a page on OWY1U for unrelated attachments instead. Even after I started using ScrapBook, there was still one time I uploaded an unrelated image to OWY1U because ScrapBook wasn't working. (Which is the reason there's so many broken images in my journal now...)

Q: Something you wrote in 2010-2011 makes no sense to me!
Q: Wait, Enya and Moya Brennan are playable in Super Mario Galaxy 2? Why and/or how?
Q: How do you know what Enya and Moya's opinions on the logic of Mario games are? How do you know if they even HAVE opinions on it?

This is what Moya's Space Log is all about and what gave me the idea. Basically, after PrtSc Land and Ours Will You 1-Up, it stopped seeming so weird to mention Mario and Enya in the same sentence - but on my birthday in 2010, I'd only recently heard of Enya's sister Moya, so it still seemed weird to mention one of her albums and Super Mario Galaxy 2 in the same post. That made me think, "Hey, what if there was a fanfiction where Mario, Luigi, Enya, and Moya are all in Super Mario Galaxy 2 as a team and Moya constantly questions the logic of Mario games while Enya simply accepts it?"

For NaNoWriMo that year, I attempted to write such a story, but alas, by December I'd only written 7,831 words (most of which look weird when I reread them now). I've been promising to finish it someday for six years now, but I still have yet to get any further. :(

Q: Something you wrote in 2011 or later makes no sense to me!
Q: What are Forbidden Comment Threads?
Q: What does FCT stand for?
Q: Why are you so worried about being hated for every single thing you say?
Q: ARE you still worried about being hated for every single thing you say?

This should explain it. Even though that's a friends-only entry, I can't be bothered to try and describe the Forbidden Comment Threads again except they're a series of arguments in asperger from 2011 that, indeed, made me worried about being hated for every single thing I say for about FOUR YEARS. Because of it, in 2013 I made an exhaustive list of entries and comments on LJ that the Forbidden Comment Threads made it seem possible that I'd be hated for (and a few that merely make me feel a little weird when I reread them) and posted that to my journal. Talking about my worries in my journal like this helped... eventually.

Q: Why haven't you posted to communities very often from 2011 to at least 2016?

Mostly because of the above. And also because right now, I'm trying to focus on finally updating my profile, interests, and glossary for the first time in a while. In the case of _dreams_, I also started worrying that people there were getting tired of seeing me post about dreams about the same things over and over, so I decided a while back to make a dream journal instead... but I still haven't done that either. :(

Q: Something you wrote in 2012 or later makes no sense to me!

Yeah, sometimes (for whatever reason) I feel that an edited Garfield comic (like the ones in Square Root of Minus Garfield - though I don't think I've ever put an actual SROMG strip in one of my entries), or sometimes an edited strip from some other comic, is the best way to describe what I'm saying even if I'm talking about something entirely different. I don't know why. Sometimes I still feel the same way after I actually make the reference... other times I don't.

Sometimes I use unedited comics in my entries, too, but I didn't mention those in this FAQ because I'm less likely to feel weird about it afterward when I use unedited ones.

Q: Something you wrote in 2013 or later makes no sense to me!

Yeah, sometimes I express myself through Kid Icarus references that may or may not make more sense in my head (or to anyone who hasn't played a Kid Icarus game) too, because I feel like it.

Q: Something you wrote in 2014 or later makes no sense to me!

And sometimes through Super Smash Bros. references that may or may not make more sense in my head too.

Q: Something you wrote in 2015 or later makes no sense to me!

And sometimes through Tomodachi Life references.

Q: Something you wrote in 2018 or later makes no sense to me!

Um... Mind if I borrow your time machine?

Q: Why do you comment a lot on my old entries?
Q: Why do you NOT comment a lot on my NEW entries?

For a while, I was so constantly being reminded of the FCT, and reminders of it were upsetting me so much, that I stopped checking my friends page (and a few other sites I used to check often) regularly for far too long. Now I'm trying to make up for that by reading entries that were on my friends page in 2009, then 2010, and so on (and catching up on the other sites simultaneously with it) until I finally get caught up to the present.

Even before I started this very systematic trip through memory lane, sometimes I read old entries (in my journal and in other journals) just for the fun of it. (This may be because, for some of the funny things on the Internet I like [webcomics, Homestar Runner, etc.], you pretty much have to go back through the archive to know what's going on and/or understand all the in-jokes - I think this might've carried over to the way I post on LJ and read other people's posts.)

Also, by the same token, I won't mind if you comment on my old entries either. :)

Q: What was the target demographic of [PrtSc Land/Ours Will You 1-Up/Moya's Space Log]?

If I knew the answer to that question, it probably would have lasted longer.

Q: One of the images in your ScrapBook or the DreamWidth equivalent makes no sense to me!

Try reading the entr[y/ies] I use it in. Images in my ScrapBook generally make a LOT more sense in the entries/comments that I use them in than they do if you visit my ScrapBook directly. (or, apparently, if you search for my username on Google Images...)

Q: What the sail is "what the sail" from?
Q: What the cattle note does "WTCN" mean?
Q: Holy whole hand dealer, you sure say "HWHD" a lot!
Q: What exactly does a "whole hand dealer" do, and what's so holy about it?
Q: What's a "chin rag", you chin rag?
Q: What exactly would it mean if an author were cancelled?
Q: Who is "Cranther"?
Q: What's with you and the number 206 [or 797, or some other number]?
Q: Who in their right mind would name their daughter after a video hosting site that was controversial at one point and/or let her drink THAT much water at once?!

Consider visiting my glossary of Matt1993isms - terms I've come up with over the years based on backwards lyrics, dreams, video game glitches, and mishearing what other people are saying.

Though, unfortunately, it hasn't been updated since 2011. I intend to get to updating it soon, though! And in the meantime, if you have enough time on your hands (which I doubt...), you could also read all of my entries [or at least all entries since February 2009] in chronological order to catch up on what you missed. Though, to understand a few of those, you'd also have to read my entries in _dreams_ from the same timeframe too. And even that might not help much. :P

Q: I read all of the questions and answers before this one, and something you wrote still makes no sense to me!

I get that a lot. Possible reasons:
- I haven't updated my glossary since 2011; there are new terms that I've been meaning to add to it.
- I may have written a public entry that makes a reference to a friends-only entry.
- If it makes no sense now that there's a broken image: I know. Fixing all the broken images in my journal is on my to-do list. And my LJ is kind of a non-Euclidean mess right now, and my DW is no better because it was automatically copied over from LJ - I'm in the process of fixing a lot of things on both.
- Make sure that it was something I actually wrote, not something I wrote in a dream you had. Dreams have been known to make no sense sometimes. ;)

Q: Do you have autism or Asperger's?


Q: I meant which one do you have?

I was hoping you would know...

Q: Exactly what criteria do you use when you decide whether an entry is public or friends-only? Some of your friends-only entries are similar to some of your public entries...

I wish I knew. I tend to make some entries friends-only just because they link to other friends-only entries, but lately I've been trying to make more entries public even when they link to friends-only ones just so I'll have more public entries in general.

Q: With your math and computer talent, how can you possibly say that you're not smart enough to do _____?

"I'm not smart enough to do _____." That's how I say it. (Okay, serious answer: Because not everything in the world is math and computers. No one who looks up to me seems to realize that - perhaps because, true, a lot of things nowadays are controlled by technology.)

Q: I want to post a reassuring comment on an entry where you say that you're worried about something, but I can't think of anything to say besides reiterating what everyone else has said or what I've said to you somewhere else...

Then feel free to reiterate it! When I'm worried, it always helps to know that you're still thinking of me. :)

Q: I'm offended by something you said and now I won't comment on your entries anymore!

Then please at least tell me what you're offended about first. Or, at the very least, tell me that you are offended instead of making me guess whether you are or not.

Q: You've tried so many half-baked crossover ideas over the years. Do you even remember that Enya is not, in fact, a Mario character?


Q: Only sometimes?

With the possible exception of some of my dreams, I always know on some level that she isn't a Mario character. But it's only occasionally that I suddenly think "I've been wanting a classy real-world singer to meet cartoony video-game plumbers for over ten years and counting?! WHOA..."

Q: You talk about [Mario/Kid Icarus/Super Smash Bros./Tomodachi Life/Homestar Runner/Garfield/Enya/math/dreams/userpics/backwards lyrics/school/homework/worrying/etc.] way too much!

If you're not interested in some of my posts, don't read them. Filter tags out on your friends page if you must. If you're not interested in any of my posts, why the sail are you here? Did you lose a bet? :)

Q: You don't talk enough about politics!

I happen to not like discussing politics very much, okay?

Also, for the longest time, I wasn't very good at discussing politics either. I didn't even know what a Democrat or Republican was until I was at LEAST 13 or 14 (for the record, I'm 23 now). Even now that I'm somewhat more informed about the news, it's still not my favorite thing to discuss.

Q: Do your "Emocrat" and "Invinciblican" userpics represent your opinions on the Democratic and Republican parties, respectively?

No. In fact, I was planning on calling them "Emocrat" and "Invincicrat" at first, but then I decided that "Invinciblican" sounds better than "Invincicrat", just as "Emocrat" sounds better than "Emoblican". (To me, anyway. Typically, portmanteaus that include letters that belong to both of the words combined - as with the "bl" in Invinciblican and the "emo" in Emocrat - sound better to me.)

Q: Your Invinciblican userpic cycles between ten countries' flags' color schemes. Does that indicate your opinion on those countries?

No more so than invincible Mario in Super Mario World having Luigi's colors half the time says anything about Luigi (or vice versa).

My thought process behind which countries' flags to use palettes from was essentially "United States because that's where I live, plus nine other random countries, most of which have stripes of some sort in their flags".

Q: What happens if I click the buttons that look like repost buttons but have text besides "Post to your journal!" or "repost" on them?
Q: Why does nearly EVERY public entry in your journal have a repost button - even the boring ones?

A while back I thought it would be a fun idea to come up with a different repost button caption for every public entry, based on what the entry is about. But coming up with different ones every time became harder and harder. At some point after the third or fourth "It's-a me, the repost button!" one, I eventually decided it wasn't worth putting them on EVERY public entry, but most public entries still have them.

Q: Why did you make [insert pointless entry/comment/project/userpic/other decision here]?

Because at some point - believe it or not - I actually thought it was a good idea.

Q: Something you posted in randomthought makes no sense!

You're right. Posting a random thought in a community called randomthought is the stupidest decision possible.

(it's NOT)

Q: Did you join LiveJournal in 2009?

No, I joined in 2007. It just wasn't until 2009 that I started actively posting, uploading userpics, joining more communities, friending people I hadn't met in real life, etc.

Q: I haven't seen you in 50 years, Matt's look-alike...

Yeah, sometimes I end up not posting for a while due to being really busy. Or really procrastinaty. Also, throughout 2008, I only posted one entry because I'd recently discovered that PrtSc Land was NOT as awesome as I'd previously thought it was, so I was avoiding websites that I'd self-promoted it on - which included LJ.

Q: I found a video you might like! See, there's this YouTube channel called Game The--

Stop saying words. If I "might like" Game Theory, then Garfield "might like" Mondays. This is why.

Q: Is the answer to this question no?

It won't be when I'm done with it...

Q: Some of these "frequently asked questions" aren't even questions!

Your point is?

Q: Some of these "frequently asked questions" have never been asked, and the rest haven't been asked that often!

I know. It's just that lately I feel that my journal is so random, and makes so many obscure references to earlier entries and half-baked projects I've done elsewhere, that if you haven't been here since around 2010 or 2011 if not earlier, chances are you've probably wanted to ask at least three of these questions.

I just couldn't stop thinking about how my journal might look to someone who hasn't been here before... So by adding questions that I have anticipated but not actually been asked yet, I'm hoping that anyone who's new here can easily get a better idea of what to expect. :)

Rules of my journal that I can think of off the top of my head:

- I am very bad at being understood (well, I used to be, at least), so be sure to read all of an entry, as well as the glossary entries for any unusual words and phrases contained in it, before you comment.

- My journal is kind of a non-Euclidean mess right now, because there are quite a few updates to my glossary that I haven't gotten to add yet and many of my entries had to be posted so quickly that I couldn't add tags to them right away. These are only two of the things that I'm frequently too busy to do, but I've finally decided to try to get these things done next.

- I used to tend to ban people who haven't even commented on anything I said if they just seem like they'd never get along with me. However, anyone I ban (except perceived spambots) can be unbanned in three ways: 1) after a year, 2) if I forgot to write a note saying when or why I banned them, or 3) I decide that the reason I banned them was lame. It's also been a while since I actually banned anyone, I believe.

- If you friend me and you're not a spambot, I will probably friend you back. (Note: For a while, I didn't really have this rule even as an unwritten rule, so if I didn't friend you back at first and you weren't acting like a bot then that's why. Even now, there are times that I don't get around to friending people back right away. Sorry if you were one of them. :( )

- I originally said "If you unfriend me, I will unfriend you" here, but actually it's more likely that I'll wonder why you unfriended me, and I'll probably try to ask you why.

amiibo Collection

I've been obsessed with Super Smash Bros. and amiibo lately, so I might as well keep a list of the amiibo I own in my profile :)

Amiibo I use in Super Smash Bros.:

Date acquired
December 25, 2014
December 25, 2014
December 25, 2014
December 25, 2014
Party Hat
Spring Break 2015
Between May 7 and 17, 2015
Rosalina & Luma
July 18, 2015
December 25, 2015
Yellow Wristbands & Shoe-Wings
December 25, 2015
Angel Dude
December 25, 2015
Dr. Mario
December 25, 2015
Dr. Mattio
Wii Fit Trainer
December 25, 2015
Yellow ♀
Mr. Game & Watch
Between January 16 and 29, 2016
Dark Green
Duck Hunt
Between January 16 and 29, 2016
Brown & Tan Dog b/w Brown Duck
Between January 16 and 29, 2016
July 14, 2016
July 14, 2016
Mrs. Kirby
Serena Hat
July 14, 2016
July 16, 2016
July 16, 2016
Zero Suit Samus
July 16, 2016
Dark Blue
December 25, 2016
Web Bowser
All Green (I think)
December 25, 2016
Purple (I think)
King Dedede
December 25, 2016
Dark Blue
December 25, 2016
Overalls Yellow
Dark Pit
December 25, 2016
Purple (I think)

Amiibo I use in Mario Party 10:

Date acquired
July 18, 2015
July 18, 2015
December 25, 2015
Yo, Shi
July 16, 2016
Farm Fresh
December 25, 2016
December 25, 2016
December 25, 2016
Bow, Sir

Amiibo I use in Yoshi's Woolly World:

Date acquired
Light Blue Yarn Yoshi
December 25, 2015

Amiibo I use in Mario Party: Star Rush that aren't listed above:

Date acquired
December 25, 2016
December 25, 2016
March 25, 2017

All my userpics

They're listed here now.

LJ cards

Here's the LJ trading card and tarot card I made in 2010 or 2011. They pretty much only describe 2010-2011 me accurately...

Trading Cards
Paid Account Edition
User Number: 13627499
Date Created:8-19-07
Number of Posts: 734

Matt1993 is quite a nerd - he will spend the entire day at his computer if he can! He also loves Mario games, macaroni & cheese, drawing pretty well with MS Paint (yes, you heard that right), and sleeping. His ultimate celebrity crush is Enya, whom he may or may not have, in fact, met on LiveJournal!! If only she were still an active user...
Strengths: Not obsessed with Internet memes, able to see both sides of an issue.
Weaknesses: Autism, unable to be forced to be creative, terrible at making sense, bad at paying attention for more than 12 seconds.
Special Skills: Mathematical & computer talent, somewhat expert MS Paint artist, grapheme→color synesthesia, possible prophetic dreams.
Weapons: PrtSc the Yoshi (Normal-type, 90% chance of encasing opponent in an egg for one turn and doing 1d6 damage), Four-Dimensional Punch (Normal-type, 3d6 damage with 40% chance of confusing opponent), Synesthesia (Normal-type, blue-d-orange damage), Calculus Problem (Electric-type, ∫1d4×-11d4(1d10-4)x²+(1d10-4)x+(1d10-4) dx damage, 60% chance of confusing opponent).
Type: Electric

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Tarot Cards
A 16-bit nerd and his faithful Yoshi companion silently wait on a plain background.
Divinatory Meanings: The nerd signifies near-genius intelligence, but unfortunately, only for a few things. The Yoshi represents a certain creative endeavor, though it may be heavily criticized for making no sense.
Reversed: Distractions, introvertedness, laziness, loss of control, boredom, stupidity.
Lucky and Unlucky Numbers: Lucky: 93, 113, 150, 206, 252, 306, 669, 699, 762, 5192; unlucky: 14, 15, 151, 511, 555, 651, 666, 667, 668, 766, 776, 797, 798, 977, 3500, 5300, 35000, 53000.

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Old profile names on LiveJournal (when you have a generic username, you feel obligated to at least have creative profile names):

matt1993 (defaulted to my username)
Author Cancelled (see glossary)
Pucker up because we're about to have some lunch (see glossary)
Christmas Modifier: +2 (see here)
Computer Sonnet (see here)
Is God violet? (see here)
Agent Meatball (see here)
I can't consist consistently (see here)
Thank you Mulder, but Scully is in another castle (pathvain_aelien and I used to watch the X-Files on, and one of the video sources displayed random headers that have nothing to do with the episode such as "SOUP" and "ANNOYING"; one was "SUPER", which made me think of an X-Files/Mario crossover)
A black DSi from the cheapest store near you (I texted a friend of mine asking him if he had any plans for his birthday yet. He didn't, so he replied with this.)
The macaroni & cheese escaped (To keep me amused during my trip to Johnson Space Center as part of High School Aerospace Scholars, pathvain_aelien sent me e-mails and translated most of them back and forth with Babelfish. One of the bad translations suggested that she made macaroni & cheese and let it escape.)
I have a mustache and I think I'm Scully (P_A asked me to figure out how long it would take to watch X-Files from season 1 to season 9 non-stop or something like that. I said it would take 30 days or so, and she said that by the time we're finished we would be convinced that we were X-Files characters. Then we started watching an X-Files episode for real and she commented on some guy with a mustache by saying this.)
feet! (printed on a random piece of paper I found at the High School Aerospace Scholars summer camp)
Matt1993 is a real person. Don't eat his food. (based on a similar quote posted on Facebook from a different week of HAS)
Make a Nazi kiss an alien bounty hunter (pathvain_aelien and I started playing "X-Files Bingo" in which we make Bingo cards with various recurring characters, items, plot elements, and so on and mark them off as we watch the X-Files. She said that to win, she needed a Nazi and an alien bounty hunter, but then realized she already marked off Nazi and said, "I need them to kiss," referring to Mulder & Scully. Mom misinterpreted this as the Nazi and the alien bounty hunter kissing. LOL)
I have a duck stuck in my head (my mom was saying that she had some song that goes "disco, disco duck" stuck in her head, but I misheard and thought she had said she had a duck stuck in her head)
Stand there and look like a poker chip (random King of the Hill quote)
Frasier fir?! I wanted a Niles fir! (based on a joke my dad made while I was shopping for a Christmas tree with him)
If everyone were bananas, we'd all be cannibals (from a weird dream I had)
Silly buckets! Water is for the ancient Mariner! (empty buckets being called "silly buckets" in The Rime of the Ancient Mariner made me think of it)
This journal is cursed on M/W/F from 10 to 6 (pathvain_aelien and I were watching The Mummy and, as a joke, she "guessed" that the creepy voices in the dungeon were saying something like, "This place is cursed on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10 to 6.")
Sensei; i.e. SNES (a funny palindrome I came up with that actually kinda describes me)
Satellite good in milk (a weird closed caption pathvain_aelien told me about)
?lang? (from a weird glitch with ScrapBook)
Kids under age 3.1415 shouldn't see pirated movies (Get it?)
This part is NOT the comment (because someone mistook "Kids under age 3.1415 shouldn't see pirated movies" at the top of the comment notification for my actual comment)
The definition of "chocolates" is "chocolates" (inspired by a weird dream I had, which I plan on posting about in _dreams_ at some point)
Strong Bad, this isn't an X-File! (With Strong Sad being a skeptic in the Strong Bad E-mail "myths & legends" and Scully being a skeptic in almost every X-Files episode, I thought it'd be funny if they switched phrases and Strong Sad said this. It'd also be funny if it went the other way and Scully said "I'm pretty sure it's just a weather balloon or a foreign exchange student...These strange beasts just aren't real!", but that'd be too long for my profile name, even without figuring out a way to juxtapose it with Scully instead of Strong Sad)
An unfunny name to show what SOPA could cause (You've probably already seen what LJ, Wikipedia and/or Google have to say about SOPA, so this probably speaks for itself)
YAY! SOPA WAS POSTPONED!! (speaks for itself if the previous name did)
Matt1993 the ACTA Slayer (or at least I hope so) (that other parenthetical statement is actually part of the profile name, and once again, speaks for itself because SOPA and ACTA are pretty much the same except the latter hasn't been shelved yet and is less likely to be)
The King of Stupid Comments (no further explanation needed)
Your deepest, darkest nightmare (because it's entirely possible that that's what I am to many of you...)
A little kitten that can dice up enemies (a quote from Kid Icarus Uprising; plus, I got Super Mario 3D World [which introduced Cat Mario] for Christmas :) )
What do you mean, Enya isn't a Mario character?! (I think this one sums me up better than any of the others so far. I changed it to this one in August 2015... has it really been a year and a half since I last changed it?)

Interests (154):

14, 15, 666, algebra, alphabet, anxiety, apocalypse, ascii, asperger's, asperger's syndrome, autism, backwards lyrics, backwards music, beautiful women, being hard on myself, being weird, calculus, cats, celine dion, characters from dreams, chocolate, christianity, christmas, coldplay, colors, comics, computers, crossovers, céline dion, depression, dido, disney, disney/pixar, drawing, dream analysis, dream characters, dream journals, dreams, enya, forgiveness, frasier, future, garfield, garfield randomizer, gibberish, glitches, h*r, harry potter, homestar runner, ice cream, infinity, infp, inside jokes, introverts, kirby, kittens, letters, livejournal, lj, macaroni & cheese, macaroni and cheese, mario, mario kart, mario kart wii, mario party, matchbox 20, matchbox twenty, math, mathematics, microsoft paint, more than 150 interests, mortal instruments, moya brennan, ms paint, neopets, nes, nintendo, nintendo 64, non-sequiturs, nonsense, not cussing, numbers, orange, ours will you 1-up, paint, pi, pixel art, precision, predicting the future, procrastination, programming, prophecies, prophetic dreams, prtsc land, puns, randomly generated comics, randomness, regret, regrets, relaxation, relaxing, sadness, sarah mclachlan, sbemails, screenshots, sleep, sleeping, smash bros., smash brothers, smb, smw, smw glitches, snes, social anxiety, soothing music, ssb, ssbb, strong bad, strong bad email, super mario bros., super mario brothers, super mario galaxy, super mario world, super mario world glitches, super nes, super nintendo, super smash bros., super smash bros. brawl, super smash brothers, super smash brothers brawl, the alphabet, the future, the simpsons, time, time travel, timekeeping, unicode, unpopular opinions, unusual names, video game music, video games, wacky crossovers, webcomics, weird dreams, weird names, weirdness, wii, windows, women, worry, worrying, yellow, π,
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